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Judicial Independence:  Judges must be independent of interest and ideological groups, and make decisions fairly based on evidence and law.

Judicial Impartiality:  Judges should “call balls and strikes” and decide cases based on the Constitution and the law, not their own personal opinions.

Judicial Fairness:  Every citizen should know that a judge will give them a fair shake.  Judges should not express bias against any ethnic group, gender, religion or any other group. 

Decide cases on the Evidence  Judges must decide cases fairly based on the evidence, not on personal prejudice or fake news conspiracy theories.  For example, Nader understands that climate change is real based on the evidence, and has always rejected “birtherism” because it was based on falsehood.

Public Safety and Community Values:  Judges must first and foremost follow the law.  When the law gives judges discretion, they should bear in mind the impact of their decisions on the safety of law-abiding citizens, and on freedom and  opportunity for  all citizens of the community.

Uphold the Law and the Constitution:  Most important, judges must be dedicated to upholding the Constitution, and follow the law rather than their own personal opinions.  Nader’s dedication to the Constitution has been shown throughout his career.  He was specially recognized as a leader at Southwestern College on promoting and upholding the First Amendment, and has always been a staunch defender of the constitutional rights of citizens.

Tim Nader for Judge 2018
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