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Endorsements and Supporters (partial list)  Scroll down to read testimonials and add your endorsement.

  • Hon. Randa Trapp, Judge, San Diego Superior Court
  •  Hon. Mara Elliot, San Diego City Attorney
  • Hon. Marti Emerald, Former San Diego Councilwoman
  • Hon. Juan Vargas, Congressman
  • Hon. Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, Assemblywoman
  •  Hon. Howard Wayne, Esq., Former Assemblyman
  • Hon. Mary Casillas, Mayor of Chula Vista
  •  Hon. Serge DedinaMayor of Imperial Beach 
  •  Hon. Ron MorrisonMayor of National City
  •  Hon. Mona RiosNational City Council Member
  •  Hon. Alejandra Sotelo-SolisNational City Council Member 
  •  Hon. David Arambula, Lemon Grove City Council Member
  •  Rafael Castellanos Esq., Chairman of the San Diego Port Commission
  •  Hon. Pat Aguilar, Chula Vista Councilwoman
  •  Hon. Steve Padilla, Chula Vista Councilman
  •  Hon. Jennifer Mendoza, Lemon Grove Councilwoman
  • Hon. Nora VargasSouthwestern College Board Member 
  •  Hon. Norma HernandezSouthwestern College Board Member 
  •  Hon. Roberto AlcantarSouthwestern College Board Member 
  •  Hon. Barbara Avalos, National School District Board Member 
  •  HonGriselda DelgadoSouthwestern College Board President 
  •  Hon. Maria Nieto Senour, San Diego Community College District Board Member 
  •  Hon. Paula Hall, Sweetwater Union School Board Member
  •  Hon. Eduardo Reyes, Chula Vista Elementary School Board Member
  •  Hon. Bernie Rhinerson, San Diego Community College Board Member
  •  Hon. Peter Zschiesche, San Diego Community College Board Member
  •  Hon. Dr. Michael McQuary, San Diego Unified School Board Member
  •  Hon. Mark Evilsizer, Palomar Community College Board Member
  •  Hon. David Broad, Mira Costa Community College Board Member
  •  Hon. Kathy Rallings, Carlsbad Unified School District Board Member
  •  Hon. Mary Graham, San Diego Community College Board Member 
  •  Hon. Francisco TamayoChula Vista Elementary School District Board Member
  •  Rudolf Villegas, Southwestern College Board Student Trustee
  •  Kirsten Smith, Southwestern Community College Student President
  •  J.C Hurtado Prater
  •  Connie Broussard Esq.
  •  Gil CabreraEsq.
  •  Anette Ruiz, AMFT
  •  Hon. Patty Chavez, Former Chula Vista Councilwoman
  •  Hon. John Moot, Former Chula Vista Councilman
  •  Hon. Jerry Harmon, Former Mayor of Escondido
  •  Kelly Rand, Esq., Former Lawyers Club of San Diego President
  •  Patricia Flores-Charter
  •  Eric Hereford
  •  Ken Msemaji
  •  Jodi Cleesattle, Esq.
  •  Leticia Cazares
  •  Brian Polejes
  •  Dr. Bonnie Price
  •  Nicole Jones
  •  Hon. Jean Roesch, Former Southwestern College Board Member
  •  Freda Hernandez, Former Southwestern College Board Student Trustee
  •  Rob Unger EsqFormer President, Southwestern College Education Association
  •  Mike and Claudia Mowery
  •  Katherine Silcott
  •  Fred Sotelo
  • Southwestern College Education Association
  •  Tom Homann LGBT Law Association (supporter)
  •  Martin Luther King Jr. Democratic Club
  •  Eastlake-Bonita Democrats 
  •  San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  •  Lawyers Club of San Diego (supporter)


  • Cindy Green:  "I've known Tim for over 20 years. I know him to be a straight forward, extremely ethical man. I can think of no other more suited for the job of superior court judge."
  • Hon. Teresa Valladolid, Former Southwestern College Board Member:  "Served on the Swc board with Tim Nader and found him to be a very conscientious person. I wholeheartedly support and endorse Tim."

  • Hon. Nancy Chadwick:  "Know Tim as a colleague serving on community college governing board. He has a sharp intellect, thinks clearly, and has demonstrated integrity. He would bring all these to a position that requires all three. I am proud to endorse Tim for Judge!"

  • Hon. Nicholas Segura,  Sweetwater Union School Board Member:  "Tim Nader has been a fair and hard working Public Servant in all offices he has served for the residents of South County."

  • David DeBus Ph.D: "I endorse Tim Nader for Superior Court Judge, finding in him a sweet reasonableness that contrasts with the current sitting judge."

  • Abdimalik BuulProfessor at Southwestern Community College:"Proven track record against bigotry & hatred" 

  • Robert RadulescuEsq"Tim was my boss while I interned for the Attorney General's office in law school. I found him to be one of the most pleasant people to ever work for, very intelligent, a great mentor, and a man of high character."
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Tim Nader for Judge 2018
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